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pro silva (latin: 'for the forests')

ProSilva Ireland recognises and values the unique history of Irish forestry and its past, current and potential contribution at local, regional and national levels. Members are convinced of the need in Ireland for a greater range of management skills amongst foresters and forest owners.

The organisation was founded in order to develop and promote ProSilva Principles as an alternative to clear felling in Irish forestry.

ProSilva Ireland is a non-profit organisation and is a member of the European umbrella organisation ProSilva Europe, which was founded in Slovenia in 1989.

ProSilva Ireland was founded in June 2000 and membership is made up of forest
owners, foresters and others who wish to practice and learn more about ProSilva
forestry practice. ProSilva Ireland is an all-Ireland organisation, embracing membership from both Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.


ProSilva promotes forest management strategies which optimise the maintenance, conservation and utilisation of forest ecosystems in such a way that the ecological and socio-economic functions are sustainable and profitable. The general approach to management which is advocated by ProSilva, includes market and non-market objectives, and takes the whole forest ecosystem into consideration.

With reference to sustainability in its broadest sense ProSilva members believe
that forests provide four categories of benefit to society. These are:

1. production of timber and other products

2. protection of soil and climate

3. maintenance of ecosystems

4. recreation, amenity, and cultural aspects

To read more on ProSilva Ireland objectives, structure and strategies see the About us page.

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